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Great Quotes

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.       –Jules Renard

The scariest moment is always just before you start.   –Stephen King

Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from a tree?
*Is it the wind that blew it away?
*Or the tree that let it go?
*Or is it the leaf who grew tired holding on?
Life unfolds a lot of misunderstandings everyday. Its upto us to solve it or live it!    -Unknown

If you are looking for the guilty, you need to look into the mirror!      – V

If you are absent during my struggle, Don’t expect to be present during my success!  -Will Smith

Do not underestimate yourself by comparing with others. Its the differences that make you unique and beautiful.   – Anonymous

I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand.   -Unknown

Always praise in the mass, slap in private.   -Prabal


wanna see a beautiful picture???

just go and like this picture…

Good Memories never wave bye!

Jacobs Cricket Team ’12

MLTR in Nepal

Most of the time in boring lectures

My memory!

About me!

Hi everyone, this is Prabal Poudel all the way from foothills of Nepal. Currently, I am studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen. I love to play cricket and football and roam aimlessly. In this blog you can find some crazy polls, resources to programming, news, interesting videos and many other stuffs. Have a great day.

– Prabal